giff_beaton_pix-89x124.66110051_stdWhat did Giff Beaton, author of “Birding Georgia” have to say about his stay at the Aska Lodge B&B?

This wonderful B&B is not only a great place to stay in the lap of luxury and enjoy their amazing hospitality and birdy grounds, but it’s convenient to some of the best birding sites in Georgia’s Blue Ridge!

American Redstart enjoying Aska Lodge habitat
Photo Credit: Rachel Cass
Ruby-throated Hummingbird on butterfly bush
Photo Credit: Rachel Cass
American Redstart enjoying Aska Lodge habitat
Photo Credit: Rachel Cass
Jim Williams, author of “Urban Birds of North Alabama”, noted this:bird_6

“The rustic setting of the lodge and the intimate contact it provides with nature are exceptional.  We greatly enjoyed having our first cup of coffee on the porch while we watched them forage in their habitat.  With no real effort a knowledgeable birder can identify 20 or more species before breakfast on a late-summer morning.
The location of the lodge at the southern end of the Appalachian Mountains provides opportunities in summer months to see birds that otherwise desert the south to breed in more northern latitudes.  Additionally, the mountains are a preferred spring and fall migration route for many birds of Eastern North America as they make their way to breeding grounds or winter habitats.”


Aska Lodge juvenile Ruby-throated hummingbird
Photo Credit: Rachel Cass
Check status of Hummingbird arrival at Aska Lodge:
2013 Hummingbird Migration Map
Arrival at Aska Lodge: YES!
1st one spotted 4/9/13

bird_5American Goldfinches enjoying Aska Lodge thistle
Photo Credit: Rachel Cass

A special treat in the late summer and early fall are the huge swarms of hungry Ruby-throated hummingbirds. The “Hummer Rodeo” here at the Aska Lodge is truly a spectacle to behold, as dozens of these tiny dynamos flock our feeders at the same time, battling it out for supremacy!

A different mix of birds visits our numerous feeders, wildlife plants, and the surrounding wooded hills in each season. There are also many common but endearing birds that stay around all year.Some of the ones you might see while here, according to visiting Georgia birding experts:

• American Goldfinch
• Carolina Wren
• American Crow
• Blue Jay
• Red-tailed Hawk
• Red-shouldered Hawk
• Eastern Screech Owl
• Great Horned Owl
• Indigo Bunting
• Ovenbird
• Red-eyed Vireo
• Blue-headed Vireo
• Black-and-white Warbler
• Hooded Warbler
• Scarlet Tanager
• Black-throated Green Warbler
• Ruby-throated Hummingbird
• Rose-breasted Grosbeak
• American Redstart
• Ruby-crowned Kinglet
• Blackburnian Warbler
• Chestnut-sided Warbler
• Blackpoll Warbler
• Magnolia Warbler
• Cowbird
• Brown Thrasher
• Purple Finch
• Pine Siskin
• Red-breasted Nuthatch
• Brown Creepers
• Hermit Thrushes
• Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers
• and many more!

Bird songs’ greetings blend
With the mountains’ restful peace
Nurtured by dear friends
Morning’s golden finch
Evening’s fireflies sparkling warmth
Within the heart glow
©Robert Gibbs
Summer, 2009