Mt. Katahdin and the Hundred Mile Wilderness

Baxter State Park in Maine is the starting point for climbing Mt. Katahdin, the highest point in Maine. The hike to the top is a little over five miles each way. It wasn't a bad climb, a little scrambling, but cold and windy on top. Katahdin is also the northern terminus for the Appalacian Trail. After coming down from Katahdin, we spent another night in the shelter at Baxter and started south on the AT. The Hundred Mile Wilderness starts at Baxter and continues south for, gosh, a hundred miles. Thankfully, we only had time for eighty miles.

Baxter lean-to

Our private lean-to at Baxter State Park.

Before Katahdin

Just prior to climbing Katahdin.


Waterfall on the way.


One of the overlooks.


On the ridge.