Alaska Mountain Guides and Climbing School

Entrance to Alaska Mountain School

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Ric, Janet and Darsie Beck (center), outside the Haines, Alaska office of the Alaska Mountain School, now called Alaska Mountain Guides and Climbing School. Darsie is one of the owners.

In May of '99, we took a 5 day mountaineering course from Darsie and his partner, Sean Gaffney. We did all the work at the base of Davidson Glacier, the weather being too bad to take a ski plane further up in the mountains. We had a blast. We learned a lot and had a bunch of fun. Glacier travel, ice climbing, rapelling, prusik climbing, etc.

Preparing to load canoes, Davidson Glacier in background.

Janet in canoe approaching Davidson Glacier.

Davidson Glacier
To give you a little perspective, there is a climber on the ridge below the arrow.

Ice Cave
Ric at the entrance to an ice cave at the base of Davidson Glacier.

Ice climbingIce climbing
Janet and Ric practice ice-climbing.

Janet climbing on Prusik knots in the rain.

View of camp, 3 yellow tents that you can see fairly well and one green, not so visible.

Mega-Mid tent, our kitchen
Sean Gaffney and Darsie Beck in the kitchen tent.

At rest
Old fart at rest.