Glacier Bay Adventures aboard M.V. Steller

We took a 24 hour trip aboard the Steller with Captain Dan and Andrea. In May, it stays light until about 11:30, then light again at 4:00am. We saw a bear on the shoreline just minutes from the dock, then saw about 50 seals feeding, then the sea-lion haul-out, then Puffins, a hundred harbor porpoise, then a bear and a mountain goat on the same mountainside. We saw a mountain goat with a kid. We then went further up into Glacier Bay, watched several glaciers until near midnight without getting to see any calving. We went to bed at midnight, then up at 4:00 am, and on to whale territory. We saw several humpbacks very close to the boat. Another awesome trip. Janet and I were the only passengers on board.

Margerie Glacier

Margerie Glacier in Glacier Bay
Sea-Lion haul-out
Mountain goat and bear
Mountain goat and bear in same photo.
Captain Dan
Captain Dan, M.V. Steller
Two humpbacks
Captain DanM.V. Steller
Captain Dan and First Mate Andrea, excellent cook, by the way.
M.V. Steller