Alaska Fly-n-Fish (Pack Creek on Admiralty Island Bear Trip)

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Back in Juneau, we hooked up with our bear guide, Butch McLaughlin. Again, we were the only two clients for this trip. We had an incredible time. Butch flew us over to Pack Creek for our adventure. We saw two humpbacks on the way over. After landing, we saw several bears feeding on the beach. We needed to walk down the beach to go to a particular area, and there was a bear feeding where we needed to walk by. It was only about 200 yards away, so we decided to take a walk in the temperate rainforest first. I was a little apprehensive, but not really scared. Butch made you feel really safe (he carried a .44 magnum and bear mace) and told you exactly what to do if we met a bear in the forest: don't run!, and try not to lose control of your faculties! There was a loop you could take through the forest, but there had been some late snow, and once we got higher up, we were afraid that we couldn't make it all the way. So we turned around and exited the forest the way we came in. Our beach bear was still there. Butch told us to walk by at a steady pace and not to stare at the bear, but to keep our eye on it. We made it by without incident. Once down the beach, we saw the remains of a cabin that was inhabited by a hermit that used to live on the island. We spotted a bear up in the woods watching a smaller bear down on the bank of a pond. He came and chased the smaller bear off. Then an even bigger bear came from behind the pond and chased that one away. We had front row seats for this, about 150 yards away! Really exciting. All total, we saw 12 bears. Butch is an awesome guide: a lot of fun to be with and very knowledgeable.

pack creek

Just arrived at Pack Creek
A walk in a Temperate Forest
Bear clamming
Taku Glacier seen on way back from Pack Creek.