Yosemite and Bodie

When we arrived at Yosemite, we decided we still didn't have any camping in us, so we opted for a real bed and a day of hiking. We decided on the Four Mile Trail, hooking up with the Mist Trail. Well, the Four Mile Trail turned out to be about five miles, and after thinking for about 45 minutes that we were lost, we finally ran into another hiker and got enough information from her to know we were headed in the right direction. Then, on to the Mist Trail, which was more like the Torrential Down Pour Trail. It was right beside one of the water falls, which, by the way, were at their peak from the melting snow. We had a great time though, hiking through the beauty of Yosemite. The next day we drove to Reno to take our flight home the next day. On the way, we stopped at Mono Lake and the ghost town of Bodie. What a great ending to an already awesome trip!

sentinel rock
This is 'Sentinel Rock,' one of the dominant rock formations in the park..

half dome
Yosemite's 'Half Dome'. Created when a glacier cut out this valley.

'Half Dome' on the left and 'Glacier Point' on the right. We were standing on Glacier Point when the previous photo was taken.

Two of Yosemite's majestic waterfalls.

mist trail
The last section of the hike was called 'The Mist Trail'. It was more like 'The Torrential Downpour Trail'!

ghost town
The ghost town of Bodie. Click: Private site, lots of info and photos or Nice photo site.

What a beautiful view of the mountains as we're leaving Bodie.